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Over the past decade we have created hundreds of custom database applications for all types of companies. We have built an application that tracks radon gas in homes and another program to report insect infestation for home inspectors.

In the medical equipment field, we completed an application that tracks the parameters used by computed radiography machines. These parameters are used to adjust X-Ray images in order to enhance the picture. This same application is used to track incidents that must be reported to the FDA. 

We have created a host of applications for the service industry that allows field service staff to close work orders on a PDA, laptop or the web. These applications have been deployed nationwide.

Faria Associates, LLC produced an application that can decode phase shift keyed radio signals into text. This application is used to automatically track and record telemetry from remote weather stations in North Carolina. Another version of the application is used for keyboard to keyboard communication over radio and has over 13,000 registered users worldwide.

We recently rolled out an intranet site for a company that produces postal sorting equipment. This site allows sales engineers to upload design and configuration plans.  A workflow process is also in place for review and comment by all parties that would later be involved in building the equipment. This workflow allows errors or potential problems to be detected before the actual installation.

Clearly, our custom software is not bound to any specific industry or type of software.
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