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How Valuable is Your Data?

Viewed from a strategic perspective, your data represents the core of your business. You have invested a lot of TIME, MONEY and EFFORT in developing your business data. Contracts, sales records, proposals, accounting records, marketing material, business contacts, emails make up the bulk of your invaluable business assets, which you cannot afford to lose.

Too often, many small businesses rely on an employee to back up the data to an external hard drive or burnable CD/DVD. While this backup is better than nothing, it is seriously flawed. Frequently, the employee forgets to backup the data. Also, the problem with these backup procedures is that if your data is corrupt, you will more than likely overwrite your last good backup with corrupt data during your next backup. Then, when you need to restore good data, there is none.

A surprising majority of small businesses do not have a reliable backup system. Whether it be due to budget constraints of implementing an in-house backup server or just being unsure of how to implement backups to avoid disaster, many business owners don't realize that they are placing their own livelihood in jeopardy every day by not having a secure backup system. Unfortunately, some learn the hard way and only after a disaster understand the importance of safeguarding their business data. Why wait for disaster and pay thousands of dollars for an attempt to recover the data from a failed hard disk when you can protect yourself for a few dollars a day?

Many IT professionals will tell you that tape backup is by far the most powerful type of backup you can perform on your data. Why? Because only tape backup offers retention and retention is what gives you the ability to go back to a specific date to restore modified revision's of your data.

Faria Associates, LLC online backup service is so similar to a tape backup procedure that many experienced IT professionals can not tell the difference between a tape based backup and our online service. Why is our system better? Because you get all the benefits of a tape based backup without purchasing tapes or the hassle of failing equipment. Plus, your data is already stored offsite.

First, we backup your computers and/or servers every day, automatically.

, Your data is backed up in a tape-like fashion where you can restore your data from any backup within the last year or more. (Retention is set by you).

Last, your data is held safely and securely offsite in case of a fire or burglary. Your data is stored on mulitple, completely separate, fully redundant servers. Complete Backup Solutions comes with specialized backup modules for all commonly used databases, ensuring complete protection of critical data. These modules include:

Microsoft Exchange Server
Microsoft Exchange Server Brick-Level Backup
Microsoft SQL Server
Oracle Database
MySQL Server
Lotus Domino Server

Brick-Level Backup and Restore for Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange is one of the most popular email servers used by businesses of all sizes. Complete Backup Solutions has a built-in Microsoft Exchange Backup Module allowing you to do brick-level backup and restoration for Microsoft Exchange Server, including individual emails, calendars, and contact lists, etc. When data loss disaster strikes, users can restore any individual emails, calendars and contact lists within a very short period of time, without the need to restore the full Exchange's information store. This capability makes Complete Backup Solutions an ideal backup tool for Microsoft Exchange Server.

Compatible with All Common Operating System

Users no longer need to worry about the compatibility of backup software and operating platforms. Complete Backup Solutions can be run on essentially all the common platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, NetWare, UNIX and all other platforms that support Java.

Flexible Backup Schedule

Complete Backup Solutions provides a flexible backup scheduler to implement your desired backup policy easily. Examples of scheduling options include backup at a specific time, at multiple times per day, and before Windows is shut down, etc.

256-Bit Top Security Encryption

Complete Backup Solutions secures all your data in encrypted format & sends through a SSL channel. All data will be compressed and encrypted with 256-bit encryption with an encrypting key selected by the user on the client-side before being uploaded and stored on Complete Backup Solutions. The encrypting key will never be uploaded to the backup server during backup. Moreover, uploading of backup data can be done by secure SSL channel to further increase the security. Decryption, on the other hand, is only possible with user's encrypting key. This whole mechanism provides exceptional security to the backed up data.

Seed-Load Utility and In-File Delta Enable Fast Backup

Our seed load and in-file delta incremental technologies enable backup of a large volume of data to be completed in a very short period of time. The seed load feature allows backup of the large volume of data to a local hard drive. With our proprietary in-file delta technology, the original file is required to be backed up once only, i.e. in the first backup job. Subsequently, only the changes within the file made since the previous backup are necessary to be backed up.

For example, for a file that is as large as 500GB, you can simply seed load the full backup to a removable local hard drive and then deliver the seed loaded data in the removable hard drive to the backup server. Since only the changes made within the 500GB file, normally less than 1%, i.e. 5GB, of the original file size, are required to be backed up again, this amount of data can be backed up easily to the server via the Internet or Intranet in one night. As a result, instead of having to back up 500GB everyday, you just need to back up 5GB everyday to keep the file up-to-date on the backup server.

Support Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express

Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express are the two most popular email readers used by businesses and home users. Equipped with the capability for storing large amount of data efficiently, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express are now being used by many users to store large amount of important data in addition to being merely a communication tool. However, backing up data stored in these two email readers is a headache to most users, as few users know where to find the related files storing the personal information (e.g. “.pst”, “.dbx”) and address book (“.wab”) used by these email readers to back up. With Complete Backup Solutions, users can back up these data easily by simply checking a single checkbox. Backing up of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express has never been easier before without Complete Backup Solutions


Support Backup of Opened Files in Windows

Complete Backup Solutions integrated with Microsoft's latest Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) framework which that supports the backup of files being opened without requiring additional applications or plug-ins.


Support Running of Any Application Before or After a Backup Job

With our command line tool, users can set which applications to be run before or after a scheduled backup. For example, if you wish to run an anti-virus software before a backup and turn off the Windows after the backup, these tasks can easily be configured in Complete Backup Solutions.

Users can access to their user accounts via the Internet. They can restore their backed up files remotely from any computers at anytime with or without the Complete Backup Solutions client software. Therefore, a traveling staff can access the backed up data with his/her Internet Explorer or Firefox in case his/her critical data are lost during traveling.

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